Sonic's Rendezvous Band

                              City Slang


                              Detroit Rock

                              During the late '70s, various members of the MC5, the Stooges, and other influential rock groups from the southeastern Michigan area teamed up to form a number of short-lived but legendary bands. The best known of these would be Sonic's Rendezvous, formed by MC5 guitarist Fred "Sonic" Smith. Many of these songs have only been previously available on badly recorded bootlegs that don't do the songs justice, but here they come off as raw and as intense as they originally sounded when they were first delivered with the deafeningly explosive power that Sonic's Rendezvous was known for.

                              - John Griffin




                              Alternative/Indie Rock

                              Nearly two decades ago, some knucklehead(s) from New Jersey scored a pre-YouTube viral hit with a cheap Flash animation starring a squirrel bouncing up and down and going "Weeeee!" a whole lot. Somehow this act recorded two entire albums of moronic ditties like this one, and I doubt it's humanly possible for any full-grown adult to listen to either one all the way through. Still, for anyone with the urge to relive a much simpler time in internet history, these songs and videos remain good for a few immature chortles.

                              - Paul Simpson

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